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Diversified Empowerment Project


Ilia Joe Tekeng

Founder of D.E.P

The purpose of the project is to bring together a community of people to discuss important topics and create positive change in the world. We aim to support low income individuals, immigrants, refugees, and all other groups that seek help. 

We are currently putting together workshops and having conversation sessions about important subjects that can empower, support, and make a positive change.

we plan to have more activities and collaborate with other organizations to give more to the world and spread positivity.


If you would like to collaborate on a project or volunteer. Contact us below

Thank you in advance to everyone that donates with an E-book purchase.

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Previous Event: Gender Roles: Sexism

We will have a conversation addressing mental health and self-care practices as well as understanding the importance of self-care.
Join us to ask questions and share your voice on your experiences.


Conversation sessions Series

Listen to previous sessions from the Diversified Empowerment Series


Past sessions: Environmentally Friendly (Sustainable Living), Immigrants & Refugees, Effects Religion has on Society, Mental Health: Self Care