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5 fun ways to stay active & empowered this summer

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Please know that there are affiliate links in this post, so I will get a commission if you choose to purchase something through them. I would not recommend something if I do not think it is worth it.

1. Do It Yourself Projects

If you are bored at home, it ends now. There must be something you have always wanted to build yourself. Perhaps you can renovate your room or build a deck for your yard, tables, chairs, or even shelves. Put on some music and get to work. The results will leave you feeling very satisfied and proud. For tools or appliances such as paint brush sets, find them here.

2. Adventure on wheels

Go around your city in rapid speed if you have a bike, roller blades, a skateboard, or any other type of product with wheels. Instead of driving or taking public transportation, go get some fresh air before it gets worse from pollution. Amazon will ship your ride to your door so go find the right ride for you. I want to learn how to roller blade, so I'm going shopping here when I get the money.

3. Photo Tour

Make your own photo tour by walking or riding around your city looking for great new photo spots! My favourite spots are next to street art. If you need a camera or case here is your destination to prepare for that photo tour.

4. Sustainable Living

We all know what happened when the pandemic was at its worst. Going to the supermarket to buy food was not convenient. To be better prepared for the future, creating a more sustainable living is becoming many people's priorities. Plant your own vegetables and fruits. Make your garden as nutritious and beautiful as you would like. Go to amazon to look at gardening tools.

5. Get Lost

Unless you live somewhere that you have memorized. Turn off your maps. Go and get lost in the city. Perhaps you end up going on a spontaneous hike or find yourself at the beach. Wherever you may end up, go prepared with comfortable shoes and a water bottle. If you want to buy online, I recommend getting your shoes here and your bottle from the merchandise store.

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